Our History


Taller A

We’re a law firm created to serve those creating the future. 

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Taller A was born in 2015, with the idea of helping young people with whose dreams and new ideas are shaping the future. Our support doesn’t stop at the legal stuff, we partners in the quest to shape the future.

Also with the desire to revolutionize the traditional concept of "lawyer" to offer entrepreneurs new ways of working as a team.

PS: we are not boring lawyers. We have already verified it. (Ask and they will know)


Taller Timeline


February 2015

Bibi and Daniel met when they began their master's studies at the Universidad Externado de Colombia.


March - April 2015

Bibi and Daniel met on many occasions, exploring the legal needs of entrepreneurs. The used this thinking to provide a close and more accessible service to these new entrepreneurs.


May 2015

In a brainstorming session with friends, the team looked for a name for their unique business idea. The goal was clear: find a different name that when people hear it makes them stop and think. After many hours of deliberation, someone came up with the name Workshop, as a place to form, create, repair and restructure business ideas from the ground up.


June - September 2015

Work began, accompanied by teams in design, marketing, and accounting, we got to work structuring the business model of Workshop A.


September 2015

Lauris arrived, the labor worker, brought from Australia to help us and accompany us in the labor consultancies. Next to her, another capitalist partner arrived and, thus we created the company Taller A SAS



Throughout 2016, we held 9 separate Taller A workshops in which entrepreneurs were trained in various legal issues that impact their startups


August 2016

Taller A becomes part of the "Andi del Futuro" a network of innovative entrepreneurs to create collaborative work and do more legal workshops.


September 2016

We celebrated our company’s first anniversary


October 2016

Enter to work at Taller To our partner Bibi, in order to strengthen the team and support Super and Lauri. In this month Workshop A closes its first acquisition process with one of our most important clients.


we are not boring lawyers. We have already verified it. (Ask and they will know)

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